Did you buy your Christmas gifts?

Religious gifts? And why not !

You only have a few days left before Christmas, to finalize the gifts that you wish to offer to your loved ones! As you know, at Le Comptoir Religieux, we like to offer religious gifts! The false idea that religious gifts are reserved for communions or confirmations is therefore removed from the head, because today there is an enormous choice possible, both for very young children and teenagers, and even for children. adults …

To introduce Jesus to little children

Image result for The first Christmas prayers by Maite Roche

The first Christmas prayers by Maite Roche

For the little ones, easy! Books of nursery rhymes, songs, very little prayers like The first prayers for Christmas of Maïté Roche that they will like to be told in the evening and then to watch again and again all alone.

There are also books with CDs and they can listen to songs and memorize them more easily and even DVDs with movies or cartoons.

Playing with the world of Faith

As soon as they can read, children can turn to the adventures of Loupio, an endearing boy who will lead them through many adventures and to meet God, the saints … or read the Bible! Of course, I am talking about the Bible in manga, specially studied for young people, of which there are now several volumes.

But one can also play puzzles, or play, and universal games, such as the game of 7 families or 1000 terminals of the Bible , games adapted to the religious world, but which retain all their playful side.As we know, gifts for teens are more complicated to find, especially in our society of hyper consumption and use of high-tech techniques to excess. There is still no religious IPod (but it may come!), But on the other hand, we can offer young Ze Bible, a Bible created especially for them, and which, in addition to telling them about life Jesus and the history of religions, answers the many questions that arise at this transitional age.

Religious gifts for all tastes!

For adults or young adults, here too the choice is vast: santons to start or complete a nursery (a good idea of ​​gifts from godparents godchildren, who will be delighted after a few years to have a complete crib ), cross to ask or hang, rosaries, frames of the Patron Saint, icons, medals or crosses, statues or figurines … and of course a very large choice of books!

So quickly, quickly, we hurry and we finish to finish his gifts, with all these good ideas in mind!

John Bang