Pope Francis, at the cinema tomorrow!

Pope Francis, at the cinema tomorrow, September 28th is an Argentinian and Spanish film by Beda Docampo Feijoo.

Inspired by the book “The Pope Francis: Life and Revolution” Elisabetta Piqué (correspondent Argentine correspondent in the Vatican, friend of Pope Francis), this film tells the life of an extraordinary man with extraordinary destiny.

The synopsis:

Who is hiding behind Pope Francis?

Ana, a young Spanish journalist, is sent to the Vatican to cover the conclave of 2005. She then meets Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, bishop of Buenos Aires, unknown to the general public and outsider of the election. Befriending her, she learns to better know the life of a humble and atypical man who has dedicated his life to the struggles against dictatorship, poverty, drugs, modern slavery. She gradually discovers the incredible journey, from her childhood to her 2013 election, of the one now known as Pope Francis.

Pope Francis, main protagonist, you will understand!, Is interpreted by Dario Grandinetti. The film is mainly shot in Argentina in many places where the facts evoked really took place, as well as in emblematic places in Rome and Madrid. It contains the main episodes of his life (his youth, his Jesuit period, his episcopal period).

Beyond the life of this great man, the film tells the “revolution” that the Pope is implementing in the Church. It helps us understand the why of this “revolution” in progress.

One of the questions that one could ask: the character that we see on the screen remains faithful to the one who is today on the throne of Saint Peter (and despite its lack of resemblance!) ? According to Elisabetta Piqué, the film faithfully records the life of this man who, since March 13, 2013, continues to surprise the world.

So, tomorrow tomorrow in theaters! We go, and you

John Bang