Religious manual activities

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Draw, make, paint, color, assemble, paste, cut. All children love manual activities. Tinker as mom and dad, it’s great. The manual religious activities on the occasion of Christmas take all the senses!

In every corner of the world, the Church celebrates the birth of her Lord. God comes into our world and reveals his name: Jesus, the Emmanuel, which means “God is with us”. He comes to live in our world, he becomes one of us, he dwells in us today.

So here are some ideas for entering the Advent season. Ideas abound and we now have many choices. For all ages, everyone will find his pleasure. This year Advent begins on December 2nd.

  • The Makomoulage brought out its edition “Christmas crib” 2 or 3 years ago. Make the plaster first, cast the characters and paint them. Back in child for parents and grandparents! 
  • Mandala-style spiritual coloring that is very fashionable
  • The giant coloring in the shape of a village welcoming the Holy Family
  • Paste to assemble and paint
  • Little prayers to color
  • Christmas special activities in the shape of a holiday book

One can also imagine creating an Advent wreath with candles or making greeting cards to send to loved ones. Regarding the decoration for the tree and the house, we can also find a thousand ideas!

And of course without forgetting the traditional calendar of Advent. If we put spiritual messages or small “good deeds” that allow us to be in touch with God throughout the period, it is even more enjoyable than chocolate.

We love to dive in Christmas with our children during the whole Advent season to make them understand the meaning and to gather at every moment.

And you? Whatactivities are you planning to do with your children during Advent? Tell us in the comments below!

John Bang